Profile of Kazuyoshi Nagato Web Site

nagato-t1.jpgMy name is Kazuyoshi Nagato. I live in Tokyo, Japan now. I was born in Miyazaki Prefecture where is one of Kyushu.

I love Tennis very much. I want to play tennis three times a week at least. I have a licence of tennis coach for amature players.

I'm a IT consultant in Japan and support for Japanese company which has some problems regarding IT solution.

My hobby is to take a photograph. I took more than about 4,000 photos every year. The photos which I using on my website are all my pictures.

I studying regarding a human health. I am interesting in healthy human body. Because I do not want to be taken ill, I keep in mind to have a healthy life every day.

Because I like to travel anywhere with my family, I want to go anyplace once a year at least and want to take a picture.